Do we need to bring the van to you?

No. We are a fully mobile fitting service that come to your home or work place throughout Essex.

Do you need power on site?

No. Our fully self sufficient mobile workshop has power onboard so we can work almost anywhere.

Can all locks fitted to my van work on the same key? (Keyed alike)

Yes. All Deadlocks / Slam Locks / Hook-Bolt Deadlocks can be keyed alike in the workshop prior to our visit or on site if needed!
You can even have a combination of the above locks keyed alike (e.g. cab deadlocks with load hook-bolt deadlocks).

How to you take payment?

We can accept card payments on site when the work is complete with our mobile chip and pin machine. We prefer this method if possible.

Do you offer a discount for multiple vehicles e.g. fleet?

Yes. Depending on the amount of vehicles and assuming they are at the same location on the same day, we can offer generous discounts.

How long does it take to fit the locks to my van?

Typically it usually takes around 90 minutes to fit two hook bolt deadlocks to the side and rear load doors but this can vary slightly depending on the make and model.

Do you use rust proofing on the bare metalwork?

Yes. We use a combination of low modulus sealant and automotive paint.

How do I maintain my van locks?

We recommend using a PTFE spray (GT-85 or Wurth Ultra 20-40) at least once a month. Spray into each keyhole for a few seconds to disperse any road salt and dirt which may have accumulated.
We also advise to keep keys clean and free from dirt, mud, cement or sand as this can become a problem if transferred into the lock barrels. Replace any worn or cracked keys.
Just like anything on your vehicle YOUR LOCKS NEED REGULAR MAINTENANCE! We always give the customer a can of lubricant after every job done on site.

Do you cut ignition keys?

No. We only fit additional aftermarket van security.

Can you cut additional keys for my new van locks?

Yes. We can cut extra Garrison keys on site if you wish. However the locks do come with 2/3 keys and this is usually enough. One for your keys and one for the spare set.

Do you fit alarms to vans?

No. We only fit Mechanical security devices to commercial vehicles.